5 September Favourites: My Best Beauty Discoveries

I wanna start by saying that this post is super late. Longtime followers of this blog (my mum and my boyfriend) will remember 5 February Favourites from earlier this year, where I wrote about my best beauty discoveries that month, and planned to do every month. Obviously, life got in the way and this never happened. But I’m back! 7 months later and a day late, here are the products I’ve been obsessing over this September.

5 september favourites best beauty discoveries

1. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

I have a confession to make: this is the first time I’ve ever tried a Benefit foundation. When I started buying make up, I was obsessed with Benefit, but at that stage was way too intimidated by liquid foundations to ever use one. Instead, I caked my dry teenage skin in Hello Flawless powder. And I seriously thought I looked flawless. Anyway, by the time I was using liquid foundation, I’d moved on to what I considered to be more “grown up” brands (basically just MAC). So when I got the opportunity to try out Oxygen Wow at work, I wasn’t expecting huge things. But oh my god, it is the perfect foundation for me right now. If you’ve read my Insta captions lately (again, hi Mum), you’ll know that I’m obsessed with sheer-coverage-dewiness at the moment. This is the answer to my prayers. Blends like a dream, totally brightens my skin and it’s SPF 25. My new fave. 

5 September Favourites Best Beauty discoveries Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

2. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Of course, one of my best beauty discoveries has to be a dupe. I’ve always been a massive fan of Pixi Glow Tonic. It has 5% Glycolic Acid, an AHA (Alphy Hydroxy Acid) that works to exfoliate, boost collagen and hydrate the skin. Basically, it makes you glow. But at £18 a bottle, it’s an expensive glow. So when I saw The Ordinary was offering a toner with 7% Glycolic Acid at around a third of the price, I was intrigued. Having now tested out both, I can safely say that not only is this a dupe, I think it actually works better than Pixi. (And if you’re interested in the science behind this, you can read more about it here). My skin has totally cleared up and I have more money in my account? Honestly dreamy.

5 September Favourites Best Beauty Discoveries The Ordinary

3. Nuxe Le Matin des Possibles

I don’t often buy perfume. I very much pick one and stick with it for years – Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay since I was 18, CK One when I was doing my A Levels, and (don’t judge) Black XS for my GCSEs. If I catch a whiff of it on the bus I’m instantly transported back to balancing maths revision with chasing after boys. Good times. I was introduced to Nuxe while working at Birchbox, and this fragrance is just so gorgeous. It’s super pretty with notes of orange blossom, but still very fresh – ideal for heading into autumn. 

4. Barnängen All Over Rescue Body Balm

Now that winter is officially coming, I need something that’s going to keep my skin super hydrated. Not only is this Body Balm one of my best beauty discoveries this month, it’s also introduced me to the benefits of its secret ingredient, Cold Cream. An emulsion of water, beeswax and lipids, it’s been moisturising and replenishing skin for centuries (ask your Grandma). It feels really lightweight, but a little goes a long way. Just slap in on after the shower and enjoy silky smooth skin – 10/10 would moisturise again. 

5. Benefit Gold Rush

I’ve been raving about this over on my Insta a lot the past couple of weeks. I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect blusher for me. The prettiest peachy pink, it’s sprinkled with golden flecks for the perfect rose gold glow. It’s ideal for my pale skin as it’s not too intense, but gives me that lit-from-within look. It’s also totally versatile – I can just as easily use this for a pared down look as I can with full glam. And it smells insanely good too? I don’t know if this is inspired by Too Faced but I’m not complaining, more of this please.

Have you tried and loved any of these? What are your best beauty discoveries this month? Let me know in the comments! 

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