Friction Free Shaving


I hate shaving. Like, really fucking hate it. The year is 2018, I’m a feminist, I probably shouldn’t still be doing this shit, and yet there I am, week after week, hoisting my legs into ungodly positions in the shower trying to remove every last inch of fuzz. I’ve considered all the options – waxing, epilation, sheets of what was essentially sandpaper that I spent £40 on and didn’t work. I’ve been told I’d make an excellent candidate for laser hair removal, which I’ll be sure to add to my CV once I’ve found a few grand to pay for it. So I stick to shaving, and spend twenty minutes cutting my legs to shreds and then a week with razor burn. Super sexy.

Thank God, then, for Friction Free Shaving. I’d seen this advertised on Insta – a shaving subscription service – but it wasn’t until I saw my workmate’s shiny rose gold razor WHICH IS ENGRAVED WITH YOUR NAME that I decided I wanted in. All about those aesthetics. You get your handle on the first delivery with a set of razor heads, and then get sent monthly or bi-monthly refills depending on how often you want them. It’s as simple as that. You can also opt for extras – a pre-shave exfoliator, a shaving cream, and a post-shave balm. I decided against the exfoliator as I’m pretty happy with a good old fashioned body brush, but decided to try out the cream and balm. I’m so glad I did – it was honestly the easiest, smoothest shave of my life. The shaving cream is award winning, goes on almost like a moisturiser, and just makes the whole process so easy while protecting your legs. The post-shave balm is also excellent, especially as I find some lotions irritate my legs straight after I’ve shaved.

Altogether this will cost me around £20 every two months – although without the lotions and potions it would be cheaper. I really think this is excellent value, especially as it saves me the hassle of ingrown hairs, itchy razor burn, and forking out a small fortune on Venus refills from Boots. Changing your razor blades often is also a really good idea – a quick google and you’ll find out just how much bacteria can build up. Grim. My legs stayed smooth longer thanks to the super close shave, and even my boyfriend seemed to (or pretended to) be impressed when I performed my weekly post-shave ritual of shouting “FEEL HOW SMOOTH MY LEGS ARE.” No one should ever have to shave, but if you choose to, this is definitely the way forward.

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