ABH Modern Renaissance vs. W7 Delicious Natural & Berry

I love a good dupe. I remember the first time I found out they were A Thing. I was maybe 17, and I came across the W7 In The Buff eyeshadow palette – if you hadn’t guessed already, an Urban Decay Naked dupe (see what they did there?). I was so gobsmacked that you could copy the exact shades of one palette, repackage it and sell it for a tenth of the price. Why was anyone wasting money on expensive brands? I would brag to all my friends about my incredible find, and they would smile, nod politely, and carry on buying Urban Decay. FOOLS. And then a year or so later, I got the actual Naked palette for Christmas, and the penny dropped. Quality. It’s about quality. Suddenly my eyes looked banging, the same shades but more pigmented and blendable. This was why people were shelling out £40 for an eyeshadow palette. However. As much as I would love to have the make up collections of the beauty bloggers I see all over insta, my student loan is also meant to pay for food and rent etc, so whenever I hear of a good dupe I am all over it.

The latest I have tried out is another W7 palette. I believe they started out exclusively making dupes of Urban Decay palettes, but there is now a whole load of stuff on the website (including the new face of the brand, Olivia Buckland off Love Island), and they seem to have branched out into ABH, with both a Subculture and Modern Renaissance dupe. I picked up the Delicious Natural & Berry palette, an exact dupe of Modern Renaissance. Some dupes at least try and act as though they’re not identical – they’ll switch the shades around, have circle pans instead of square, etc. W7 aren’t even pretending. This is a full on, balls to the wall, carbon copy in terms of packaging and shades. The shades are identical and in the exact same order, both palettes fold open and come with a mirror, even the duo ended brushes are the same. I honestly fucking admire them.

IMG_8242.JPGBut, like I said before, there is always a difference in quality. If you look at the swatches, ABH on the right are so bold and pigmented, and while W7 do get the colour match pretty spot on, the swatches are far sheerer, and look like washed out versions – especially when it comes to the lighter shades. ABH eyeshadows (bar Subculture) are also renowned for being super buttery and blendable, and W7 definitely do not compete, with a much chalkier, powdery texture. When I blend out ABH, the colours almost melt into each other, while still being visible individually. When I blended W7 however, it looked more like when you mix all the paints together at school, a weird sort of brown. Okay that’s too harsh, it wasn’t that bad. I’m actually kind of impressed I was able to recreate the look (see below: ABH on the left, W7 on the right). It’s obviously never gonna be as good as ABH. But I mean really, what was I expecting for a fiver?

So if you are looking for a Modern Renaissance dupe, I would definitely recommend. It’s not as good as the real thing, but they rarely are, and it’s still a solid effort. Here are my finished looks – I teamed it with a nude lip from ABH, because let’s face it this whole post is really just a tribute to the quality of Anastasia products.

What’s your go to dupe? Also, have we all agreed that Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define is a dupe for Tarte Shape Tape? Can we agree on that now please because I can’t afford Shape Tape? Anyone?

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