How to get that NINI Organics glow

A couple of weeks ago I went to Vegan Life Live, a two-day event at Ally Pally showcasing the latest in vegan food, lifestyle, and most importantly to me, beauty. I picked up some amazing freebies and left with a decent haul, from lipstick to shampoo, but one thing I was on the lookout for was a decent face mask. I’d heard of NINI Organics, as they’re stocked in Mortar and Milk, a friend of mine’s skin clinic in Fulham, but I’d never had the opportunity to try before. They had a stall at the event, and were selling their face masks – I had to get my hands on one.

IMG_7813NINI Organics are a relatively new brand, specialising in beautiful, natural skincare. Their products are all 100% vegan and cruelty free, made with natural organic ingredients. Launched by brother and sister combo Alex and Nicole, every product is handmade, so you know exactly what you’re getting. I picked up a Natura Miracle Mask, which Alex explained to me is great to rid your skin of grime picked up from polluted air throughout the day. Packed with antioxidant-rich cacao, activated coconut powder, Australian pink clay, hibiscus, and a blend of herbs and superfoods, this mask comes in powder form, and you can mix with water for a cleansing mask, coconut yoghurt and honey for a more soothing mask, or apple cider vinegar for oilier, acne-prone skin. This is my favourite thing about Natura Miracle – it’s so versatile and adaptable to suit your skin perfectly. I have combination skin which is prone to break outs – on my first use, I mixed with coconut yoghurt to try and soothe the dry skin around my eyebrows, and while this did do the trick, it caused a couple of spots around my chin (combination skin is the fucking worst), so next time I will mix with water. The mask is super easy to apply once mixed, however, and leaves your skin feeling so clean, smooth, and bright, but without that horrible tightness that comes from some masks. I’m planning on using it once or twice a week for a deeper cleanse, because it had me glowing – I love it.

IMG_7814I was lucky enough to also get some freebies from NINI; sample size Coco Mylk Bath and Blue Lagoon Bath Soak, and a full sized Buff My Body scrub (which I don’t believe is actually out yet). The bath soaks are stunning – a lot less in your face than a Lush Bath Bomb, you’re not gonna get crazy swirling colourful water, but you will look, feel (and smell) gorgeous, soft and pampered. The Coco Mylk Bath contains coconut milk powder for hydration, and Australian pink clay for exfoliation. Combined, these leave you feeling silky smooth. Blue Lagoon Bath Soak, on the other hand, is more geared towards reparation, packed with nutrients to stimulate blood circulation and decrease inflammation. And finally, Buff My Body is a scrub containing coconut sugar and sea salt, and is hands down the best scrub I’ve ever used for the simple reason that it left me feeling both exfoliated and moisturised, rather than just scrubbed red raw. I would definitely recommend picking up one of these once they’re out.

What are your go-to products for an evening of pampering and self care? Any other combo-skin sufferers out there with tips? In the meantime, here is me looking fucking ridiculous but feeling indulgent af. Treat yo self 2018.


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