The miracle of Morphe

I’m a massive fan of a good eyeshadow palette. Gone are the days of just filling in my entire eyelid with black kohl liner – I promise you this was a LOOK in 2007 – I’m older, somewhat wiser, and armed with a more varied collection that I’ve built up over the past few years. But this isn’t to say I’m not always on the lookout for more, and when I do add to my collection, I’m generally looking for these four things: pigmentation, blendability, variety of shades and value for money. Not all palettes are created equally (cast your minds back a few months to the (literal) ABH Subculture fall out on YouTube), but Morphe hits my needs pretty consistently.

The 35O2 Second Nature palette was brought out to celebrate the two year anniversary of the iconic 35O palette – the packaging has been revamped, and as well as the classic nudes, browns and oranges, they have introduced deeper, warmer oranges and reds, while keeping the balance of mattes to shimmers on point. The great thing about these palettes is how many shades you get for your money – my first non-drugstore palette was the original Urban Decay Naked, and while this is undeniably a classic, high quality palette, you are quite limited in terms of different looks when you’ve got 12 shades of brown. With Morphe, however, the inclusion of cool and warm tones, mattes and shimmers, and a variety of colours means that the possibilities are endless. Apologies for how dirty my palette looks in the pics, but it is a testament to how much I use it – you can just as easily create subtle day looks as bold night looks, so this palette gets a lot of use. The shadows themselves are super buttery and blendable, and the pigmentation is really impressive. This combined with the low cost is why I think Morphe makes a great starter palette – not too pricey, a lot of shades to play around with, and difficult to mess up; I attempted a cut crease while creating this look which went horribly wrong, but the quality of the shadows meant I could just keep blending and pretend nothing had happened. If only life were that easy.

35O2-paletteFor this look I only used five shades – and for the purpose of demonstrating them I’ve attached a pic from the Morphe website, rather than of my own overused palette. I used shades 1 (Universal) and 2 (Terracotta) in my crease and along my lower lash line, 3 (Sauce) and 4 (Ruby) on the lid and 5 (Pure) on my inner corner and brow bone. The only issue I have with this palette is that, as a super pale girl, Pure isn’t light enough to really give me the intense brightening highlight I want, and so I also added Softie from the Beauty Pie 10 Best Jewel Eyeshadow Shades palette which is fucking blinding and I could not live without. Overall, though, I think this is a really solid palette. Beautiful, blendable, affordable shades with a high colour payoff. And if you’re looking for a Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette dupe, you could do a lot worse – almost identical shades, plus 24 more, for a fraction of the price. What’s not to love?

Here is my final look! I teamed my warm sunset look with Icon from Huda Beauty, a dark peachy pink. This palette is so fun to create new looks with, so do share if you have any so I can admire! And if any of you have mastered the cut crease, I will sell my soul for tips. Please help.

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*BECCA has recently been acquired by Estée Lauder which may jeopardise its cruelty free status; Estée Lauder sell their products in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law for cosmetics. 


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