Red lips round two: Sleek MakeUP

I love a red lip. It’s classic and classy, it goes with everything, it glams up any look, and it suits pretty much everyone. However, it’s not low maintenance. In fact it’s usually a fucking pain in the arse. Red is typically very unforgiving if you mess up even the tiniest bit, or if it flakes – whereas with a nude, I can usually just swipe it on and you’d have to look very closely to spot my (many) mistakes. After picking up Perfect Shade’s City Girl red last week and being fairly underwhelmed (see my review here), I was determined to try again. And in keeping with last post’s theme, why not try with a drugstore brand?

IMG_7597I picked up a Sleek MakeUP Matte Me liquid lipstick in the shade Fired Up, a dark crimson. First, I need to stress that I am in love with the colour. It’s a truer red than the carmine City Girl, less brick and more ruby, and while I love a brick red (Lime Crime Velvetine in Pumpkin is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time), I’m looking for that classic Hollywood glam. But to wear to the library. You get it, right? While the colour is close to perfect, the formula lets it down. It’s very thin, which means achieving straight edges is a lot harder as every tiny movement of the wand sets the colour down. It is a lot less drying than Perfect Shade, however, and felt really creamy and hydrating on the lips. This also means no flaking or caking, and a much more buildable product. The true test, however, is food. I drank a Diet Csupeoke and ate some toast, and it pretty much stayed in place. So far so good. But then I had fajitas for dinner. I thought my boyfriend was staring across the table in awe at how fierce I looked and how lucky he is to have me, but it turns out it was because the lipstick was everywhere and I looked like Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. Not cute.

megan fox

And once this lipstick starts smudging, it’s like it’s on a mission to get fucking everywhere and it does not stop. I had to rub some off my nose. According to the Sleek website, you are supposed to blot off the excess after applying, which I didn’t do and am not used to doing with a liquid lipstick. I’ll try again because I really do love the colour and feel – and if I can get my hands on a matching liner I think application will be much easier. Also, it’s only £4.99, such a bargain, plus cruelty free and vegan which is awesome. But this will definitely be more of a product for the days I’m not planning on stuffing my face. Which are rare.

So here is the finished look! I usually pair a red lip with a golden brown eye, and all the shades and other extras are listed below. But for now, the hunt for my perfect red lipstick definitely isn’t over.

Products used: 

*BECCA has recently been acquired by Estée Lauder which may jeopardise its cruelty free status; Estée Lauder sell their products in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law for cosmetics. 

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