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I have a question I need to put out into the universe: has Superdrug always been this good for make up? Have I just been sleeping on this? A branch opened about a year ago 10 minutes away from my house, and it’s just got such an incredible range. When I first started seriously getting into make up, I thought I needed all my products to be high end, and would splash out on ABH monthly, and yeah I looked sick but I would also like to occasionally buy food, you know? Superdrug is perfect for a drugstore haul – they generally have a wider and more interesting range than similar sized Boots, and in my experience are better stocked (all tea, all shade).

IMG_7526 2This week, I was treated to a mini haul from Superdrug by my lovely mum, as a thank you for helping her with her blog (which is awesome by the way, and you can read here). The first product I picked up was the brand new Maybelline Superstay Foundation in the shade True Ivory. This foundation was around years ago but was relaunched and revamped a couple of months ago, and I am 100% here for it. The new packaging is sleeker, more high end than drugstore, and there are now 10 more shades.  This is a full coverage foundation that claims to last up to 24 hours, and while my days of wearing my foundation that long are fortunately behind me I can confirm it truly is full coverage with no need for building. It’s also super blendable – I use a damp BeautyBlender – and it only took 5 pumps to cover my whole face. I used my Fenty Pro Filt’r primer which is kind of cheating because that is definitely not drugstore, but I didn’t have a cheaper one to hand, and I figured it would work well because the foundation has a similar consistency to Fenty’s. Superstay has a pretty liquid, creamy texture, and does dry down but isn’t super matte – I have combination skin so this is perfect for me. The best thing, however, is the price tag. At only £9.99, it’s super affordable and incredible value for such a high quality product. I’ll also definitely be picking up one of their Superstay Primers when I’m next in Superdrug and I’m really keen to see how they work together.

IMG_7529 2The next products I picked up were two concealers – Bourjois Radiance Reveal in Ivory, and the brand new Conceal & Define from Makeup Revolution in C1. Perhaps rather unfairly, I judge all concealers on how close they are to NARS Radiant Creamy (I wear the shade Chantilly), the holy grail of concealers. I know, unfair. However, Makeup Revolution isn’t far off. It’s creamy, super blendable, medium coverage yet buildable, it comes in an impressive 18 shades, and it costs £4. FOUR POUNDS. I have had coffees more expensive. C1, their lightest shade, is for fair skin with neutral undertones, and it matched me so beautifully. I’m also so in love with the packaging – a gorgeous shimmery rose gold – and the large applicator makes for really quick and easy coverage and reminds me of Tarte Shape Tape (not that I’ve used Shape Tape irl because they still don’t ship to the fucking UK for less than £12 shipping). Honestly this could have been like, pretty shit, and for £4 I’d be like, yeah that’s probably fair. But it’s so good. It’s not NARS, of course, but it comes closer than more expensive brands I’ve tried. For four fucking quid. And did I mention it’s vegan and cruelty free? I am shook.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal, another new product, I was less impressed by. It’s more expensive – £7.99 – which is still pretty reasonable, but now that I know what can be done for £4, I’m going to be less forgiving. It has much sheerer coverage, and isn’t really buildable without streaking. It doesn’t dry down and stays very dewy on the skin – to be fair, I would probably wear this as an alternative to my Glossier Stretch Concealer and it would be perfectly okay, and it is marketed online as being hydrating with no mention of full or even medium coverage. However, when I blended out with my BeautyBlender, I felt like most of the product just disappeared. But the biggest reason this concealer is so unimpressive is the shade range. It comes in three shades. Ivory, Beige, and Dark Beige. In the year 2018. Three shades. Dark Beige being their darkest. 2018. This is really fucking unacceptable. As you can see from the swatches below (multiple layers for Bourjois so you could actually see the colour), their Ivory shade has warm rather than neutral undertones (verging on peach), and if it wasn’t so sheer I wouldn’t be able to use it at all – I’m very aware that as a pale girl I have it very easy when it comes to shade matching, so maybe Bourjois are just fucking trolling us all. Anyway, overall, this is a Bad Product.

So here is my final look! As Patrick Stump once sang, two out of three ain’t bad, And overall I’m super happy with this haul. I added a soft pink eye and a matte nude pink lip for a subtle daytime look, products as always listed below, but the Maybelline foundation and Makeup Revolution concealer could definitely also provide a solid base for a bolder look. What are your thoughts? Am I being too harsh on Bourjois? (No.) Am I over hyping Makeup Revolution? (Also no.) Whatever the case, I’m so happy to have been reminded that drugstore make up can leave you looking fierce and flawless. As long as it’s not Bourjois.


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*BECCA has recently been acquired by Estée Lauder which may jeopardise its cruelty free status; Estée Lauder sell their products in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law for cosmetics. 


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