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For the past few months, I’ve been bombarded with Glossier ads on social media. Branded as low-key, low-maintenance, your-skin-but-better barely there make up, I must admit that at first I was unconvinced. One of my favourite things about make up is the ritual and skill in application, from wetting my beauty blender to brushing off my bake, or setting a cream contour with a powder contour, those steps that you could make do without but just add that tiny bit extra as you pretend to be a beauty vlogger in front of your mirror. (Hi guys welcome back to my channel!) So when I first started to see Glossier around, its barefaced models and promises of easy application didn’t really grab me. However, the combination of needing a quicker daily routine, seeing beauty bloggers I follow spreading the hype, and having those effortlessly gorgeous yet edgy girls from the ad campaign haunting my dreams, I eventually surrendered and decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Their website is 100% on brand, minimalistic and fuss free, and having just received my student loan I knew immediately I would be buying more than one product. I decided to start with just make up rather than their impressive range of skincare, as my skincare routine is (without bragging) pretty bomb at the moment (when I remember to actually do it) and I don’t like to mess with it. I settled on Perfecting Skin Tint in Light, Stretch Concealer in Light, Boy Brow in Brown, Generation G in Cake and a Lip Gloss. I also threw in their Priming Moisturiser from the skincare range, as in the words of Goddess Jackie Aina, if you’re a first time trier of a new foundation, it’s unfair to judge without using their primer too, as they’re likely formulated to work together. My order arrived a couple of days later, beautifully packaged in a (you guessed it) minimalistic box, with postcards, stickers and their famous pink zip pouch (I knew these were a big deal in the States being repurposed as clutch bags, but my mum assures me they’re also big in her North London gym, so. There you go.)


On to the products themselves, starting with the Priming Moisturiser. Retailing at £18, it’s pretty reasonable for a primer, especially one which also doubles up as a moisturiser. It’s advertised as minimising pores, reducing redness, and creating a dewy, even base for your Skin Tint, all the while containing a shedload of vitamins and goodness to keep the skin young and vibrant. I do like this product, but I don’t love it. I’m not a fan of two-in-ones as I’d prefer a product that did one thing well,  rather than two things averagely. I want a moisturiser that my skin absorbs and a primer to act as a shield and base between my skin and my make up – but with the Priming Moisturiser, it feels like it doesn’t absorb enough to be a moisturiser but absorbs too much to be a real primer. That said, it does leave my skin smooth and even, but I’ve noticed a tackiness to it that’s been bothering me too. It works, but for £18 I wanted more than that. I’ll rate this a solid meh.


Next is the Perfecting Skin Tint. Although it only comes in five shades (Light, Medium, Dark, Deep, and Rich), which in a post-Fenty world may seem a little foolish, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is because the coverage is so sheer it truly is adaptable to different skin tones. I hope. If not, seriously Glossier step the fuck up. This has grown on me since I first started using it. I’m lucky enough to have decent skin aside from a recent cluster of cystic acne on my chin, so I’m not too bothered about sheer coverage for a daily foundation. This was actually one of the reasons I decided to give Glossier a go – as much as I love Fenty, I just don’t need that level of coverage every day. It’s £20, which for 30ml is okay, but I’ve found I have to use quite a lot. I shake the bottle and apply in lines directly to my nose, forehead, cheeks and chin, then blend out with my fingers. Although I appreciate what they’re doing with the minimalist, could-belong-in-a-science-lab kind of bottle, it does make application a little difficult and I find myself really having to squeeze it out, which is odd as it’s so liquid. Sticking to a theme is great as long as it’s actually practical. Although it doesn’t really cover at all, it does leave my skin looking even, fresh and glowy, while still leaving my freckles visible which I love. For the first week I was using this, I was setting it with translucent powder and it just made my skin look dull, but after forgetting my powder brush at uni when I came home for the weekend and being forced to go bare, the penny finally dropped and I realised it’s not meant to be set, it’s meant to be left to breathe with your skin because it’s not really a foundation, it’s a skin tint. So for now, I’m a somewhat reluctant fan.


The third product I tried was the stretch concealer, and after being underwhelmed by the first two, oh my god this made up for it. This is the concealer I wish I’d had growing up, instead of caking on Benefit’s Erase Paste (which after googling I believe has now been discontinued? Wtf? End of an era?) under my eyes and hoping for the best. This retails at £15, and it’s honestly worth every penny. It. Does. Not. Cake. It moves with the skin like magic. Glossier calls it “a new type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face instead of caking on top of it”. I know this sounds like complete pseudo-science bullshit and it may well be, but it honestly does exactly that. It’s got a creamy, buttery texture that melts into the skin and leaves it bright and dewy with a light coverage. An added bonus for me is that I can actually use it to both brighten my undereyes and to cover spots, which I’ve always needed two different concealers for in the past. Glossier advises applying and then blending out with your fingers, but as my acrylics completely prevent this I apply from pot to skin with a Real Techniques concealer brush, then blend out with a dry Beauty Blender (I know this is wrong but it worked when I just couldn’t be bothered to dampen it and so for this one product I will make an exception). I also set very lightly with Beauty Pie’s One Powder Wonder, only because I have fine lines under my eyes and without I noticed a little creasing. Would I wear it on a night out? No. I don’t think it would actually do much over a medium-to-full coverage foundation. But that’s not what it’s designed for. It works with the skin beautifully, embodying everything Glossier represents. I could honestly go on and on but 300+ words about a concealer is probably too much. I love it.

IMG_7168Next is Boy Brow. It’s £14, it works well if you’ve already got good brows to fluff them up and hold them in place without feeling sticky or crispy, but it’s not really gonna fill in any sparse areas – you’re still gonna need a pencil for that. I do love the fluffy look, and the short brush is easy to work with, so for a daily look this is great, but I’m not sure it’s much better than similar products on the market – I suppose you’re paying for the long list of impressive, natural ingredients. My brows look great but I feel like I could get this elsewhere for a cheaper price, so I’ll give it a solid OK.


IMG_7169IMG_7170Finally, the lip products. I am a lipstick fiend and find it hard to go anywhere without a matte liquid lipstick in my bag, but by the end of the day or night this tends to leave my lips dry and flaky, so a softer daily alternative was exactly what I needed. Glossier has come out with two lip products – Generation G, a sheer buildable matte lipstick, and Lip Gloss. The gloss is great – hydrating, shiny, non-sticky. It’s not particularly long wearing but show me a gloss that is. It’s pretty and after the recent trend of bold, block colour glosses, it’s refreshing to bring back a clear gloss. The gloss that came free with Sugar that we used to wear at school and pretend it was natural, but this time actually good for our lips, leaving them soft and kissable rather than chapped and bleeding. Those were the DAYS. On to the lipstick. Generation G is the product I didn’t even know I needed, but desperately did. I have tried SO. MANY. “hydrating” lip colours, that always end up just drying out my lips leaving the colour patchy. (I actually read the other day that all chapsticks purposefully dry your lips out so you keep buying, fucking WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME) Generation G actually works. It’s super moisturising, the colour is gorgeous (I chose Cake, a subtle peachy nude which works with and enhances my natural lip colour), I think longer lasting than similar products, and I don’t feel like my lips are gonna hate me for it. I am FUSSY about my lips but I give this a massive thumbs up.

And here’s my final look! My final thoughts are – I do like Glossier. I really do. I think a few things need tweaking, and like Courtney Act in Season 6, they can’t just rely on pretty, but I now feel like I have a low-key, fuss-free, quick and easy daily make up routine for when I just don’t have time (this whole look took less than half an hour including me stopping and getting distracted by old Jackie Aina videos, texting and taking selfies). I love the natural dewy finish, its relative longevity compared to drug store BB/CC creams etc., and let’s face it, I fucking love the packaging. On the left is with gloss, right is with lipstick.

Full disclosure: I added a few extras which I’ll list below, along with all the Glossier products and their individual prices. I’m also endeavouring to favour cruelty free (CF) and vegan (V) products on this blog, and I’ll make sure to list this too. So what do you think? Whether you’re a Glossier virgin like me or a die hard fan, let me know your thoughts, tips and tricks.

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